Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rescue project


A few weeks back I found a bag of beaded silk fabric in a zip bag for 1.00
It was the last day of this estate sale and I thought it might be destined for the trash, so I grabbed it up and figured that it would just go into my very large pile of "new to do something with" stash. Oh well.

Once home, after sorting through lots of other treasures from that sale, I got around to the zip bag and opened it. It was the very sad remnants of what was a super gorgeous 1920s dress. Peach silk chiffon, with white and silver beads throughout. Totally shredded. The only thing that has kept this fabric from complete disintegration was the beaded areas that were backed with extra stitching. 

I may have cried with sadness at first while cutting through the crumbling silk, but soon I cried with joy as I completed the first pair of earrings from its remains. I have already worn the long dangling silver pair many times. They are so lightweight and barely skim the shoulders. There is so much beading on this dress that I have made many pair and I thought I could share them with you.
 I want this dress to live many more happy lives, in beautiful places with beautiful people like you.

Leave a comment below ( I would also love some new followers...shameless plug ) to enter.

I will choose three winners randomly and will contact you on your chosen style. Giveaway deadline is Friday morning. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A raw preview


Some of my favorite details from this weeks coming listings. Freshly downloaded and untouched.
The light in the afternoon is always a bit wonky, but it really shows off the little things.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cont... Summer Adventures

At Blisswood ranch, the terrain ranges from downright rustic { a 1930's cabin with traditional furnishings and turn-of-the-century garments hanging on the walls} to {Sub Tropical, complete with private swimming in a two story green house, waterfalls and an orchid growing room}.

Luckily we got to sample a few different areas while we were there, along with a few new adventures for me. Skeet shooting, tomahawk throwing and archery...oh and you can bet there was some swimming in that pool. Here is to a great Summer with many more adventures. Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Summer


Lucky enough to have spent the first few official days of summer here at Blisswood Ranch in South Texas. A truly enchanted place. Highly recommended if ever you are in the Austin or Houston area.

These are photos of the Texas Farmhouse. There are no less than 10 other places to stay at the ranch and surrounding properties, each one a true delight, but this home where we stayed is now my favorite!

Happy Summer everybody!
More photos of the ranch coming tomorrow~