Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Back Talk


The inspiring Julia over at Goat Notes recently featured me in her Vintage Back talk series.
So delighted to share this interview, it really got me to think about Etsy vintage sellers and what we do everyday. The research, the photos, the cataloging. We are essentially a council of international vintage curators. So proud to be among you. Thanks for reading and thanks again Julia!

1. Why Do You Love Vintage?
Its the little things...tatted lace with unbelievable detail, embroidery, hand-stitching, printed fabrics from the 40's with such great shapes and color combinations that don't appear in the mass produced labels of today.
I often think about what modern items could be vintage treasures in 50-110 years.
Will any of these modern clothes be able to stand the test of time? With the exception of a few designer labels, I still don't have the answer.


  1. I wonder what items today will be coveted in the future too.....lovely interview Sheena!

  2. Thank you again Sheena! It was a joy working with you and learning all about the world of vintage.