Monday, January 31, 2011

Victorian MacGyver

Earlier this week, I came across these images of Victorian Chatelaines in an issue of Country Living Magazine. I have seen certain pieces like the scissors and measuring tape, eye-glass holders and ketchalls but I had no idea of the range of cool gadgets these Victorian women carried around on their necks or hips. It seems they could be ready for anything like say...

~ Crossing a muddy street in an unseemly part of town when a kind gentlemen accidentally steps on your petticoat and rips the lace. Embarrassed he offers to pay you for the damage, but only has half of what he deems as a necessary payment, so he gives you the name and address of his tailor and bids you farewell~

No problem! Here are a few things you might need~
Acorn perfume vial- Acorns were a symbol of fertility during the Victorian era
Retractable lead pencil~ Pretty much the same design used today
Celluloid and Silver Notebook~ Pages could actually be wiped clean and used again
Umbrella Needle case~sewing notions were often kept at the ready
Nail file~ We all still carry these!
Matchbook case~ because you never know and MacGyver would be proud
Shoe hook~ have you seen all of the buttons on those boots!
Dress clip~ I really like this one and if ever really long skirts come back into vogue...
Compact Mirror case~ with amethyst glass dial

Other popular chatelaine accessories are the change purse, magnifying glass, thimble and thread holders, vinaigrette, glove clamps and whatever else may have been of use to your station or profession. Needless to say is that I will be on the hunt for a few chatelaine pieces from my favorites above. Which are your favorites?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shop update

New items in the shop right now, all with a kiss of color in their descriptions. Smoky Lilac, Stone-fruit, Amethyst, Ballerina Pink, Mother of Pearl and Truffle.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Uniform Code

My first shop update since January...Can you believe that? A little inspiration provided from the Grey Citadel Jacket that has already sold, but I just had to show you a was amazing!

January's focus in the shop will be Winter/Spring separates with a touch of the uniform code such as Equestrian styles, Military influences and yes...the marching band.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Morning

~Loving my pillows from Enhabiten~ Thanks for the custom work Liane!
and the blanket picked up while thrifting with mom.
~Waiting for the Snow-bells to put on blossoms.
~Being the photographer for the windowsill catwalk.
~Saying goodbye to the jonquils and hello to the amaryllis.
~Suggested reading via LittleByrd "etc" by Sibella Court- that woman makes me want to collect barbed wire...and I just might.
~Photographing vintage jewelry for the Valentine push.
~Enjoying Christmas presents now hanging on the wall.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A good night

A fire is crackling, snow is falling, and I continue to have an online love affair with Billy Reid.

I know that the majority of this line is for men, but I also know that this will come to pass, because the things for women are sooooo good! Wingtip wedge oxfords, little jackets made from jersey in a men's style from the 40's and 50's...asymmetrical pockets and them!

As always the Florence, Alabama designer likes to keep up American traditions, this year they have a line of hats and caps from Stetson and canvas utility bags for women from Levi's.

Can't wait to again visit their brick and mortar location in Dallas...maybe this week?
Read more about my infatuation here.