Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Morning

~Loving my pillows from Enhabiten~ Thanks for the custom work Liane!
and the blanket picked up while thrifting with mom.
~Waiting for the Snow-bells to put on blossoms.
~Being the photographer for the windowsill catwalk.
~Saying goodbye to the jonquils and hello to the amaryllis.
~Suggested reading via LittleByrd "etc" by Sibella Court- that woman makes me want to collect barbed wire...and I just might.
~Photographing vintage jewelry for the Valentine push.
~Enjoying Christmas presents now hanging on the wall.


  1. these pictures are so completely gorgeous/wonderful. love how your bed looks - love love love it.

  2. Your pictures look beautiful in the winter morning light.

    And your bed is a dream waiting to happen,

    xo Jane

  3. lol I was looking at your bed thinking "I know those pillows..." and then I saw you wrote they were from Enhabiten! Everything looks gorgeous! I'm so jealous of the snow :(