Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shop update


The largest update I have done in a while. It was fun to do the Pop up jewelry shop for the weekend, but now we return to the regularly scheduled program.  Tomorrow should be a good day for listing as well, but for now the shop is full and happy!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh from the Farm

 Here are some of my favorites from this mornings haul And it was that...A haul. Fresh off the farm as they say, un-steamed and everything. 

 I may have to go back tomorrow and maybe again on Sunday. I could have missed something.
Oh no!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coronations and Carnations


A sneak peak into the next shop update. Can you tell what it will be? 
It seems most of the hats I will be listing are Coronets and yes the last one is
covered in carnations. It IS just a name.

Curious about coronations and carnations word histories I found this on the web:
  "The earliest sixteenth-century users of the word “carnation” spell it “coronation.” The original name for the flower seems to have something to do with a crown (corona)-perhaps the use of the flower in crowns and garlands, or even the shape of the flower head (crown-like). By Shakespeare’s day “coronation” had been eggcorned to “carnation” by a Latin-literate public."

So maybe the flower has royal beginnings after all. Which make this last hat super-sweet to me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011




The last two weeks have been day after day of rainy, dreary weather. Taking photos for the shop has been challenging to say the least. Clothing shots downstairs are literally out of the question since that room is on the backside of the house and gets little sun on the best of days. 

A great friend recently gave me this primitive saddle bench and I have been using it for the last 4 months as a backdrop for No Carnations Home. It stays in the studio upstairs and always seems to have good light even on bad days. I used it again here for all of my jewelry shots and I think they are ok. Also since I haven't found any great clothes lately but I have found TONS of jewelry, I thought I would create a POP UP jewelry sale on the front page of my shop. It lasts until tomorrow night only and then its back to business as usual. Clothes, Clothes, Hats, Clothes. Everything is all laid out for the next update, so now I am just waiting on the sun.

Coupon Code POPUP25 to save 25% on all jewelry purchases until Wed. Night.
Above are some of my favorites.
The Blue 1930s collection coming tonight after a quick trip to the P.O.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jewelry SALE

Having found myself loaded with vintage jewelry over the last week, I thought a little sale might be fun.
So for the next 48hrs the shop will turn into a pop up jewelry sale.
If you see something you like, let me know and I can reserve for you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Vino Veritas




 Civilization has been cultivating grapes for the last 8,000 years. Grapes have shown up in fashion, jewelry and art since the Egyptians. On Etsy alone there are over 20 pages of vintage Grape jewelry and today I will be adding these top two vintage Grape dresses to the shop. The first is a 1950's full skirt gingham dress with grape embroidery and the second is a 1940's rayon grape dress with tatted navy lace at the collar. I am more in love with dresses from the 40's rather than the 50's and I particularly enjoy jewelry from the 30's. So here are a few of my favorite grape dresses (the 40's and 50's respectively) and some Art Nouveau grape jewelry to go with them.