Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coronations and Carnations


A sneak peak into the next shop update. Can you tell what it will be? 
It seems most of the hats I will be listing are Coronets and yes the last one is
covered in carnations. It IS just a name.

Curious about coronations and carnations word histories I found this on the web:
  "The earliest sixteenth-century users of the word “carnation” spell it “coronation.” The original name for the flower seems to have something to do with a crown (corona)-perhaps the use of the flower in crowns and garlands, or even the shape of the flower head (crown-like). By Shakespeare’s day “coronation” had been eggcorned to “carnation” by a Latin-literate public."

So maybe the flower has royal beginnings after all. Which make this last hat super-sweet to me.

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