Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Vino Veritas




 Civilization has been cultivating grapes for the last 8,000 years. Grapes have shown up in fashion, jewelry and art since the Egyptians. On Etsy alone there are over 20 pages of vintage Grape jewelry and today I will be adding these top two vintage Grape dresses to the shop. The first is a 1950's full skirt gingham dress with grape embroidery and the second is a 1940's rayon grape dress with tatted navy lace at the collar. I am more in love with dresses from the 40's rather than the 50's and I particularly enjoy jewelry from the 30's. So here are a few of my favorite grape dresses (the 40's and 50's respectively) and some Art Nouveau grape jewelry to go with them.


  1. What a lovely blog!! Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. Very nice blog post! Your dresses are beautiful. Appreciate the feature of my brooch :-)

  3. I love your 40's grape dress!! so pretty:) I"m a big fan of fruit novelty print. Thank you so much for including my dress in this post.