Tuesday, May 24, 2011




The last two weeks have been day after day of rainy, dreary weather. Taking photos for the shop has been challenging to say the least. Clothing shots downstairs are literally out of the question since that room is on the backside of the house and gets little sun on the best of days. 

A great friend recently gave me this primitive saddle bench and I have been using it for the last 4 months as a backdrop for No Carnations Home. It stays in the studio upstairs and always seems to have good light even on bad days. I used it again here for all of my jewelry shots and I think they are ok. Also since I haven't found any great clothes lately but I have found TONS of jewelry, I thought I would create a POP UP jewelry sale on the front page of my shop. It lasts until tomorrow night only and then its back to business as usual. Clothes, Clothes, Hats, Clothes. Everything is all laid out for the next update, so now I am just waiting on the sun.

Coupon Code POPUP25 to save 25% on all jewelry purchases until Wed. Night.
Above are some of my favorites.
The Blue 1930s collection coming tonight after a quick trip to the P.O.

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