Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help from a Little Byrdie




 I've been doing a little decorating project upstairs for the arrival of my best friend in a few weeks, but things were going a bit stale. I needed some inspiration & these pillows from Little Byrd Vintage were just the thing. Over all, I have nine pillows from the sweet Rebekkah and I just can't stop. Must have them all! They add a perfect amount of texture, color and graphic to any room.

I used them here as a focal point to help set off the same stitch pattern-like-graphics in the vintage quilt, modern art piece from a friend, and botanical prints from Karolin Schnoor on Etsy. To round out the look is my favorite collection/pattern of McCoy pottery, it reminds me of a knit sweater, and a vintage owl Avon bottle.  A second design element/layer that I found from within the pillows is this triangular zig-zag. So I repeated the shape in the brass and glass hanging planter, the wooden wall accordion display and in the metal work of an Atomic era magazine rack that I just found yesterday! 
Thanks for reading, now you are all welcome to come for a visit :)


  1. so gorgeous! and incredibly well thought out. your friend is going to feel so cozy and spoiled.

  2. I love seeing pictures of your home. More!

  3. That quilt is beautiful! Lovely job putting the room together!

  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo! what a treat to get a peek into your gorgeous space. I am incredibly proud to be a part of it :)