Thursday, July 14, 2011

more pics

More pics from my Summer photo project.

What Summer memories are you making?


  1. can i please have whatever that fig situation is?
    i love figs.

  2. These look amazing. Did you make all of that food? Um, delicious!

  3. The bowl of green fruit was my breakfast yesterday, I made a bit of lemongrass syrup to go over with frozen grapes, yum! The next ones down are Chocolate sausage (with dried fruit and hazelnuts mixed in to make it look like chunks of salami and such), Fallen chocolate souffle cake with port reduction and grilled figs, roasted fig flatbread with local goat cheese and rosemary honey and a large bowl of pan fried shishito peppers with sea salt. Yeah, I cook a lot, so my photos lately have been all food. It kinda feels like cheating within this project, but I will look back on it one day and remember how good those figs were :)

  4. everything look so yummy....but the chocolate sausage just hit the spot.
    have a wonderful weekend :)