Wednesday, February 22, 2012

two fish

Positively Spring like here today. A balmy 75 degrees now. Woke up to this sweet birthday package from Amy in Tuscon. Someone I have never met, but a gal that over the course of this last year has become a happy friend. She sent me this beautiful vintage millinery tulip spray that now adorns a beaded bag along with an amethyst glass bird brooch that arrived from Duff of Jean Jean Vintage.

Speaking of birthdays and vintage. Is there some kind of social description for Pisces that we love vintage? So many vintage gals with B-days this week alone. Make sure to stop and say Happy B-day to these lovely ladies! Feel free to add your name to the list if I missed anyone!
Yesterday- Amy from Wildfell Hall Vintage
Today along with mine, Chelsey from  McGregor Girl Vintage
and tomorrow Lauren from Dear Golden vintage

Can I also say in a non-stalking celebrity kind of way that Drew Barrymore and I were practically born in the same breath and that she also loves vintage and if she were to ever meet me, we would be best friends forever. Ok, that is it. I said it.

Happy Birthday ladies!


  1. birthdays, vintage, and sun?! jealous! sounds like so much fun.

  2. Happy Birthday you awesome lady! I love your shoes to bits and bits. Have an awesome day & night and rest of the birthday week for that matter!