Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three little flowers

I have a little collection going of 30's and 40s rings. Some are costume, others are real. 

Recently, I began an obsession within the obsession and started looking for these three little flowers. I wonder if they have a significance? Found on the bands of the two rings above { the purple one is from Jean JeanVintage} and again on the pendant I got from a local antique mall.

I now have my eyes out for more and just found one on e-bay last night listed as a mourning ring.
We'll see.


  1. It is fantastic to see that motif on some other pieces! I think they might be pansies, which would explain the mourning piece you found. I also like how you used a flower frog to stand the ring up - really nice photos. So glad you like your ring!

  2. What a collection! I'm a little bit jealous... :D

    - Lindsay