Thursday, November 17, 2011

Texas Fashion Collection

At a glance. Truly. One of the largest collections I have ever seen. Held in a small climate and temperature controlled warehouse. Beware! photo heavy post!

Above : Heavily beaded Victorian Blouse and a Burgundy Silk 20s dress

 Mutton Sleeve blouse, this thing had some heavy infrastructure ladies!

 Red Embroidery 2 piece Tea Ensemble

 1930s goodness by the row...

 Beautiful details that you must really see up close

 Lots of designer fashion beginning in the late 40s and early 50s
Below are the colorful dresses from James Galanos and a lace and leather piece from Oscar ( I think?).

A literal library of designers the likes of Gucci, Channel, Schiaparelli, Lanvin and others are alphabetized for your enjoyment.

 Rows of Pucci in the rafters!


 Oh, the shoes!

 A red Collection going out for display soon and a Nancy Reagan dress you might recognize.
(tiny lady)

 My Favorite dress above is the beaded Balanciaga with sea-foam underskirt. It was supposed to be in storage box already (just got back from a gallery in NYC) but the staff likes it so much they still have it out! Yeah : )

An impressive afternoon to say the least. I promise to make an appointment for anyone of you who come my way. If you have any general questions about the collection, I think I might have memorized every word from the tour. : )

More info here


  1. Who, what , where is this amazing collection and how did you get to see it? JEALOUS, to say the least!

  2. Oh my lord my eyes are watering! How did you manage to keep it together during the tour? I would have collapsed.

  3. At some point I just had to stop taking photos. I couldn't stand that the lens was between my eye and the clothing.

  4. wow! this is incredible. i'm so glad you got to go.

  5. Those are really nice! I like Texas fashion a lot, mostly those dresses and boots that have darker colors. Brown and dark blue Texas inspired dresses are the best! Though those shoes on the second to the picture really captivated me. I hope to find something like that!

    Aidan Mcneill