Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just love it when someone takes the time to write me a nice letter letting me know what they have done (or in this case, SHOW me, what they have done) with something that was purchased from one of my Etsy shops. It puts a big fat smile on my face all day!

I often express interest in this kind of feedback in the invoice and thank you letter that I send along with each package. Sometimes it may be fabric or a cool belt, but I was really interested in these vintage embroidery hoops that I listed in my Etsy store a few months back. I had never seen any like them and I let the buyer know that I would love to see what she made with them. I could not have prepared myself for such beauty!

She sent this to me this morning...This is the gorgeous work of Elise Morris, she uses Japanese Kozo paper and silk stretched over the hoops with pencil and acrylic. Aren't they just amazing?

If you are in the Palo Alto, CA area , you can go see more of Elise's work in her solo show at Nocturne Gallery in September. If you are not in California then you can visit her web page at

Here are a few more images for you...
Thank you Elise!

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