Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My mom just sent me this little book of handbags through the century by Judith Miller.
I poured through every word and then felt inspired for this post.

Here are some of my favorite pages and designers including Enid Collins- she has 2 whole pages dedicated to her style.

Also 3rd picture above are some Summer beaded bags coming soon and then below are the Enid Collins and John Romain handbags I listed last week. In the shop!

"I find that it is vital to have at least one type of handbag for each of the ten types of social occasion:
Very Formal, Not so Formal, Just a Teensy bit Formal, Informal But Not That Informal, Every Day, 
Every Other Day, Day Travel, Night Travel, Theater and Fling."
                                                                                                      Miss Piggy

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