Sunday, January 27, 2013

A small Spring


It has begun. That point in Winter when the barren trees and occasional snows have worn out their welcome. There are a few scattered warmer days when I yearn to rake leaves or put in the asparagus plugs. But I know it will be in vain. Forgive the following cheekiness.

I have seed packets burning a whole in my pocket.

In an effort to sate this desire I created a little garden on the far end of my work desk.
My desk merely being an old door, it works well for me. I will wrap packages on the floor, I don't care who knows it.

I have violets and orchids and ferns and the tiniest cyclamen you ever did see.
There are spent flowers to snip and watering must be done. So exciting.
Well, for me.

I have two stewards looking over the whole shebang.
Joe and Ruby. What a pair. They could make anything grow anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
For sure.


  1. so so lovely! I love this little desk garden. Must be so soothing to work by.

  2. Your desk is beyond beautiful. I'd love to have such a pretty place for my garden :)