Monday, October 31, 2011

From the grave

I bought these ambrographs or daguerreotypes earlier this year at an estate sale. They were being bought up quickly so I told the guy manning the glass case to hand me any that he saw with hair lockets in them. I don't know exactly why, but I too have a fascination with the folks from this era and THEIR fascination with putting lockets of hair into jewelry, photos, cards and other mementos.

One tall looking fair colored guy has a bit of blue ribbon tied to his hair locket. I wonder if it is his or anothers. Maybe a girlfriend or lover.

There is a pair of men looking quite chummy. Brothers I guess, but the locked arms may suggest another relationship and my personal favorite is a modest woman in a floral cotton dress. 
Her photo contains two lockets of hair. One red and one blonde...daughters? or perhaps her hair when she was young and again when older. 
Still together, 100 + years later. Not even separated in death.


  1. oh I am with you these are fabulous! I have a little hair jewelry collection, just love it! kind of fascinating, lovely and macabre all at same time, nice finds lady!

  2. What an interesting collection, unique.