Thursday, March 17, 2011

Never to late ~ Shop update

A black and Gold shop update in Spring? Yes & let me explain. I have many closets full of vintage. Each one is dedicated to upcoming shop updates & approaching months. For instance, there is a closet filled with Spring colored dresses in beautiful shades of sorbet set aside for the months of April/May. There is another closet filled with 70s vibe denim shirts, leather accessories, nautical clothing & Tribal jewelry for June. At the end of each month most items are gone to their new homes but for some reason I have ended up with tons of leftover black and gold. Maybe because I hate photographing black or maybe it was my mood, I am not sure. So, here it is. Lots of black in the middle of March. St. Patrick's day none the less!
The fearless Irish in me!

Black and Gold. A new favorite color combination I think. I will admit that the traveling dress of Marquise de Merteuil's is never far from my mind...


  1. Your pics make black and gold look very appealing.

  2. Amazing finds! I love the photos and the color combination :) Very beautiful Etsy shop! :)