Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Part 3 ~ Elizabeth Islands-Naushon- Nashawena

photos via Sarah Brown Flickr
There is not really an address for this place, the Island is privately owned by trustees of the Forbes family. The caretakers of the Island live in the white farmhouse, known just as "the Farmhouse on Nashawena" and the red house is open for friends and family of the trustees.

On occasion the Island will play host to nature conservationist and data researchers for birds, grasslands and fish, there are three sunken ships around the barriers of the Island, two old, one modern.

My first Summer trip to Nashawena was also my first plane ride, in a puddle jumper none the less. An exciting morning clouded with gray as we waited for the runway to clear and watched as E-3 Sentry awacs took off to help in the search for JFK JR'S missing plane around the Islands.

Susan and Ryland also tell some great stories from their time on the Island, like when the straits completely froze over between Nashawena and Cuttyhunk and they were literally able to walk over the Ocean to get supplies.

What a life! Only such hardship could bring such sweet beauty in a place where the ponds are saltwater and the cows like to surf.

I hope you have enjoyed these little peeks into one of my favorite places on Earth and my vintage collection inspired by it!


  1. Oh my God. This is heaven on earth. I am enchanted. You are so very lucky to know such people and such a place. Words fail me.

  2. I wish I lived here. My fantasy Island

  3. When I was young, my Grandparents were island caretakers for the Forbes, and my family was allowed to visit for a week or two each summer. Mornings with the hens, ducks and pigs, afternoons riding horses, fishing, or on the beach at Quick's Hole. Evenings were a bath in the claw foot tub, fresh baked bread, and games or crafts with Grandma. I still remember when we fired up the generator to watch a moon landing on the small B&W TV in the back room of the farmhouse. Nashawena truely is a little slice of heaven, and there is so much I miss about my time there.